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COMPASS – project update (July 17)

July 2017

The COMPASS project has been formally approved to proceed, and the groundwork undertaken by the partners since January 2017 is now developing into some full blown activity. The Project Management Office is currently being established at AFBI, and recruitment for many of the new posts across the partnership is well underway (and in some cases complete). We are very excitied to finally start the activity and to work with each other, and are lokoing forward to our upcoming meetings and workshops that will define our work for the short to medium term. The project partners are heavily involved in the procurement of the additional hardware that will be required to undertake this ambitious project, and some baseline oceanographic and Passive Acoustic survey has already been undertaken across the Malin Shelf region.

Coming up in the next few months will be an official project Launch Meeting to be held in NI, and a Passive Acoustic Monitoring workshop organised by, and held at SAMS in Oban at the end of August as part of the Marine Mammal Work Package.
Alongside the Management and Communications functions, the project is structured into 5 scientific work packages which will deliver the programmes requirement for managing protected areas and species:
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