Data Management

Within the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission’s (IOC) 2012 Framework for Ocean Observing, data and information products are identified as the interface to ocean observations for most users. 

This framework identifies functional groups for data and information of 

  • an oversight panel 
  • expert teams 
  • implementation communities 

As ocean observations and modelling are key to regional assessments, Marine Strategy Framework Directive reporting and understanding trans-boundary oceanographic processes, the data produced in this project should be treated as a legacy asset and must be managed accordingly. Therefore, this framework provides a useful focus. Supplying the data, and any further developed information products, in a coherent manner, and to a high quality will enable the better understanding of regional marine habitats, species and marine protected areas (MPAs). 

This Work Package will be led by the Marine Institute’s data management team to integrate the network of buoys; deliver data into and allow access to the outputs of the marine models; and allow development by third-parties of other applications such as marine management plans through data presentation and interpretation.

The final aim of this work package is to present an example of an integrated data portal to incorporate both observational data and modelled data from all partners in a single web accessible application.