Scottish Association for Marine Science

SAMS is Scotland’s largest and oldest independent marine science organisation, with >160 staff based at the Scottish Marine Institute. Scientific capabilities are broad spanning the key disciplines of marine science with appropriate technical, analytical and vessel support. Of particular relevance to this call, SAMS has a long-standing history of maintaining moorings and instrumentation in a diverse range of environments.

COMPASS will benefit from access to a new implementation of the FVCOM. There will be continuity of staffing between the two projects, with involvement from MSS as owners of the new Scottish Shelf Model. Core methodologies are proven; the models delivered will represent a considerable enhancement on previous developments. The modelling team at SAMS will consist of three staff, 1 for oversight, and 2 for hydrodynamic and connectivity modelling respectively. All have track records and scientific publications that are directly relevant to the proposed work.

The project aligns with SAMS’ mission to “deliver world-class marine science that supports society with innovative solutions to developing a sustainable relationship with the marine environment”. The organisation desires to support continue/enhance these resources to ensure their utility for marine management.

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