COMPASS network of buoys expands to the Clyde Sea, Western Scotland

A new metocean buoy was deployed by Marine Scotland Science as part of the COMPASS network of buoys in Scottish waters on 21 April 2022.  The buoy was deployed off the NLV Pole Star, a vessel operated by the Northern Lighthouse Board.  It was positioned (55° 24.900’ N 005° 11.700’ W) within the South of Arran nature conservation Marine Protected Area in the Clyde Sea, regularly monitored by NatureScot, in 45 m of water.  The buoy is collecting meteorological (air temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation and wind speed and direction), waves, currents profile and surface temperature, salinity and pH data and transmitting them to base in near-real time.

New COMPASS buoy deployed by MSS in the Clyde Sea.  Image Credit: Matt Geldart.