Tagging and track Salmon and Sea trout – video links

Inland Fisheries Ireland, has produced two excellent videos, one on the Acoustic Receivers deployment and one on smolt tracking which demonstrates the funded work undertaken by the salmonid team on COMPASS.

The Smolt tagging in NE Ireland 2019 – YouTube video demonstrates smolt tracking on the Castletown River in Ireland with the support of Dundalk and District Brown Trout and Salmon Anglers Association.

Salmonids for tagging

The Acoustic receiver deployment in NE Ireland 2019 – YouTube video illustrates deployment of the River Boyne Acoustic Array which is part of the wider COMPASS fish receiver network.

COMPASS Acoustic Network

The tagging and tracking of the salmon and sea trout is an integral element of the overall COMPASS project to identify the species behaviour and migratory pathways.  Check out the link to the videos to learn more about the work on the project.