SAMS hosts COMPASS annual meeting at Oban

The COMPASS 2019 Annual Seminar was held at Scottish Association for Marine Science in Oban, Scotland on 26th November. 

2019 Annual Meeting of the COMPASS project at the Scottish Association of Marine Science at Oban, Scotland.

Attended by project partners, policy leads and stakeholders, the seminar provided an update on progress from the project and presented current findings relating to the salmonids and cetaceans (whales and dolphins) work and in particular, how our understanding of their migration paths is improving.

The conference detailed the network of oceanographic instruments and the new instrumentation for climate change parameters that are being deployed across the region.

Also presented was the projects developments in Data Instructure required for the ever increasing demands for information flow between the various areas of the project. How this will be managed now and its legacy for future work by connecting the data infrastructures of organisations in different jurisdictions was also discussed. 

The seminar presented the latest developments in the use of the Scottish and Irish models, and how they will be used to inform current and future management plans.

Policy leads from Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland provided their policy perspectives and requirements in one of the sessions, which provided a good basis for understanding the application of the projects science. 

The seminar findings and impacts were mentioned in the afternoon session which was chaired by Steven Hall, CEO of the Society for Underwater technology – the interactions between the COMPASS project and the other Interreg Marine projects (MarPAMM and SeaMonitor) were also discussed with the projects representatives to further the co-ordination between the projects.